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GoSmart Videos Promotion Initiative

Purpose of the initiative

To raise students and the general public's awareness and concern about health.


All Hong Kong primary and secondary students and schools can respond and participate in our initiative.


Students watch health videos on the GoSmart Channel (YouTube videos) to increase their health awareness, commit to promoting the health information content in the videos to other people, complete the promotion task of "GoSmart Ambassador" by sharing at least one video, and report to the organiser the reasons for recommending the video.


How to participate in the "GoSmart Videos Promotion Initiative"


A. How do students participate?

  1. Watch any health video on the GoSmart Channel (YouTube channel) (over 60 videos have been selected).
  2. Select one of the videos from the channel and write a passage about "why you recommend this video". The upper limit of word count for primary school students is 200 words (Chinese) or 130 words (English); for secondary school students, the upper limit is 250 words (Chinese) or 170 words (English).
  3. Recommend this health video to at least one family member or a friend. You may watch it together, forward the link, tell them or send text messages about why you recommended the video. You may make a video of yours to share the reason for your recommendation, too.
  4. Submit the online form (click here) and complete the task according to your customised goal.
  5. Deadline: December 22, 2023 (Friday)
  6. Rewards: The organiser will recognise 30 or more primary school students and 30 or more secondary school students as "GoSmart Ambassadors" and award book coupons (ranging from HK$20 to $100) and certificates of participation. If the response is positive, the organiser will increase the number of participants to be recognised.
  7. Selection criteria: The organiser will score the following two aspects based on the "Why I recommend this video" written by the participants: Does the student understand the health information in the video, and is the reason for recommending the video to others sincere and unique?
  8. The results will be announced on the GoSmart Channel website and the organiser's social platforms on January 19, 2024, and the winners will be notified by email or phone.


►Tutorial Video: Step-by-step procedures for joining the GoSmart Videos Promotion Initiative (Chinese)


B. How does the school respond to this promotional initiative?

  1. All local primary and secondary schools are welcome to participate in the "GoSmart Videos Promotion Initiative". Schools interested in participating have to appoint a contact person (teacher) to submit an online form (click here) to express their willingness to participate and describe the method(s) of promoting the health education videos on the channel. You may also request printed posters for promotion (for free).
  2. There is no limit to the form of promotion, such as playing GoSmart Channel's videos in the school, setting up an e-banner on the school's website, promoting the videos through E-Class, posting posters, using our worksheet to encourage students to recommend the videos, promoting our videos in parent groups, forwarding our video links, promotion by student health ambassadors, etc. Promoting our videos to students of one grade, multiple grades, and even the whole school is welcome.
  3. Besides encouraging students to submit online forms, teachers can send us group registration by collecting student worksheets (to replace the individual registration process). Teachers may introduce the GoSmart Channel (YouTube channel) to students on appropriate occasions (such as class teacher lessons, health classes or activities) and then instruct students to complete the worksheets (click to download). Teachers may help screen the worksheets collected from students for missing information or unanswered questions and then submit them to the secretariat with a covering group registration form (click to download, available in Chinese only).

  4. Teachers may also consider sending us a scanned file (PDF) of the collected worksheets and the required information on the group registration form to Deadline for submission is 22 December 2023 (Friday).
  5. Schools that actively promote this initiative will be invited to receive trophies at the GoSmart Presentation Ceremony in January 2024 as a token of recognition.



Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion

Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care

Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



  1. The GoSmart Channel will provide new videos regularly. Stay tuned to our updates and announcements to obtain further health information. You are welcome to share our latest videos at any time. However, participants of the initiative should submit once only. The latest submission will be considered final if we receive repeat submissions from the same participants.
  2. The organiser will invite the winners to have a video shoot to share their reasons for recommending the videos and their feelings about receiving our recognition. The content (including the videos) may be used by the organiser with the consent of the students and their parents on the organiser's online platforms or publications for promotional purposes.
  3. The organiser will notify the winners through the schools and the email addresses and contact numbers collected from the online system. We reserve the right to withdraw the prize (book coupons) if we cannot contact the students within a reasonable period.
  4. Most videos are available in Chinese only.


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