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School Health Education Resources Corner

The "School Health Education Resources Corner" gathers health education resources such as teaching kits, guides, books and project deliverables we published in the healthy school programmes we carried out, hoping to assist school teachers and educators in delivering quality health education in an organised and systematic approach to promote a healthy lifestyle in the school community and support the healthy school development. Users who have completed the registration may download our resources for personal reference. Click here to the registration page and become our user by taking only one simple step, which is free of charge.


1. Adolescent Health Education Guide: Teacher Edition

The guide, published in 2023, is written in response to the developmental and health education needs of youths in Hong Kong, aiming to assist them in acquiring health knowledge and skills and putting them into practice. The guide explains the content of 17 health topics (content areas) and provides nine units of ready-to-use teaching materials. Although it is primarily for teachers (teaching S.1-S3) and members of health-associated functional groups in the school (such as the Healthy School Team, Physical Education Team, Counselling Group, etc.), it is also for leaders and policymakers in the education sector and those who implement health education programmes (members of the school sponsoring bodies and academic institutions, school leaders, curriculum development personnel, school social workers, and researchers, etc.). You may find the terms of use in the content.

(This resource is written in Chinese.)


2. The Yummy Classroom

This teaching kit, published in 2018, provides a variety of teaching materials for primary school children that combine life, health and nutrition education elements. It contains a total of 15 units of teaching materials. Each consists of presentation slides, game cards, picture cards, drama scripts and ready-to-use teaching aids to provide references and suggestions on healthy eating education fitting the General Studies curriculum of primary schools. So, the main target of the teaching kit is primary school teachers. You may find the terms of use in the content.

(This resource is written in Chinese.)


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