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15 Jan: Joint Government Primary School Staff Development Day

To enhance the physical health of government primary school teachers, a sharing session on healthy eating was arranged during the morning session of the Joint Government Primary Schools Staff Development Day. Mr. Calvin Cheung Ka Man, the Health Promotion Officer and Dietitian of our centre, was invited to debunk some common dietary myths, with nearly 400 teachers participating. Should eggs be consumed in large or small quantities? Is there a difference between eating before and after exercise? Is sugar-free soda healthier than regular sugary drinks? Are various popular weight-loss methods safe and effective? Our dietitian addressed these questions one by one for the teachers during the event.



The afternoon session of the Joint Government Primary School Staff Development Day featured a keynote speech on students' mental health. Professor Wong Chi Sang, the Director of our center, had the honor of being invited to provide guidance to over a thousand teachers on the topic of "Effective Strategies for Promoting Students' Mental Health." In current society, both schools and parents place excessive emphasis on students' achievements, resulting in significant academic and psychological pressures for students. In response to the increasing trend of student suicide and fatalities, Professor Wong encouraged teachers to establish friendly and trusting relationships with students. Rather than solely praising the achievements of outstanding students, they should also appreciate the efforts made by all students. Schools should establish a multi-tiered support system and focus on three aspects: reducing external pressures, enhancing internal skills, and strengthening connections. By doing so, it is believed that students’ mental health issues will be minimized.



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