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1 Feb: Health Talk on “The Path to Normalcy– Q&A on COVID-19 Prevention”

We had the pleasure of inviting Professor Albert Lee, the Founding Director of CHEHP, to be the guest speaker for the “The Path to Normalcy – Q&A on COVID-19 Prevention" health talk on February 1, 2024. The event was attended by elderly individuals who actively participated in the seminar. Our goal was to encourage the elderly to stay updated on the latest vaccination information, increase their understanding of the new COVID-19 vaccine, and address any doubts they may have had.

The talk covered various aspects related to COVID-19, such as its symptoms, sequelae, and the current situation of COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong. It also shed light on the latest government vaccination programme and discussed the effectiveness of XBB new coronavirus vaccine for elderly people and individuals with low immunity. More public lectures targeting different groups will be conducted throughout the year. Stay tuned for further updates on this topic.



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