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According to the World Health Organization, health promotion is the process of enhancing the ability of individuals to master and improve their health. In a broad sense, health education enables individuals to learn to improve health literacy, enhance knowledge and develop skills, and benefit the well-being of individuals and society.

The Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion (CHEHP) was established in early August 2000 with the aim of promoting the health of all people and promoting the development of health promotion through training, education, research and health services. The Centre is committed to promoting the development of health promotion through different settings, including living environments, workplaces, learning environments and entertainment places, etc. We intend to position ourselves as a catalyst and defender of health education and strive to establish strategic partnerships with people and organisations from all walks of life, so as to advance the development of health promotion.

The strategic directions of CHEHP can be summarised as followings:

  • Health services re-orientation for disease prevention and health promotion;
  • Education and Empowerment of individuals and community for better health;
  • Advocacy for public health policies and ‘healthy setting’ for health improvement; initiatives such as Healthy School and Healthy City programmes;
  • Linking with partners in the local communities and international organisations to jointly promote health;
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills in adopting the healthy setting approach;
  • Health research in child and adolescent health, multi-disciplinary community-based care, education development for health promotion

CHEHP is also committed to integrating fundamental medical and health knowledge into the education arena and advocates population health improvement as one of the priority agendas.

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