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GoSmart Channel: Project Brief

With the development of technology, children and teenagers nowadays acquire health information through the Internet and social media, and teachers also use videos to assist in teaching. Given this, we established GoSmart Channel in 2018, where quality videos with content tailored for young people are available to support health education. All videos on GoSmart Channel are originals by our project team with support from primary and secondary schools. The initiative, including its pilot project and built-on projects, is funded by Quality Education. As of 2023, over 900 videos have been uploaded to the GoSmart Channel many of these are well-received by viewers.

Our videos are classified into the following six categories. You can also enter keywords to find videos you need, and many of our videos supplement worksheet templates for registered users to download and use:

  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Mind
  • Social Health
  • Youth Theater
  • Health Promotion in the Community
  • Health Promoting Schools Good Practice

We hope to convey health messages by sharing our videos through the Internet and social media in conjunction with school health education. The ultimate goal is to enhance the public's health literacy, especially in children and teenagers, that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our programme also encourages student participation in producing health videos. Serving as "GoSmart Reporters" and "GoSmart Actors", students are highly engaged in the programme with an increased interest in learning health knowledge and extra-curricular life skills. We also encourage participating schools to form a video production team with student members to provide the opportunity to design short drama scripts and interview questions around health topics students are interested in. In such a way, students can make their videos and share them with the public on GoSmart Channel. In addition, we designed supplementary teaching resources (worksheet templates) for most of our videos. These materials can serve as teachers' reference for designing health activities and school-based health education programmes.

To make our videos on GoSmart Channel widely used and more recognised by the public, we have organised the "Health Video Production Training Workshop" and "GoSmart Health Ambassador Contest", which encourage primary and secondary school students to watch our featured videos and share them with people around them by being our "GoSmart Health Ambassadors". By doing so, we hope to raise the public's attention to and knowledge of personal health, a healthy mind and social well-being. The contest has received overwhelming responses, with more than 2,000 entries from 36 primary and secondary schools in the city.

In the 2022/23 school year, 50 primary and secondary schools participated in the project. Here we summarize the achievement of the objectives of the project: 
1. To create a variety of original health education videos that integrate public health knowledge;
2. To enhance teachers' ability and confidence in school health promotion and applying our online health teaching resources;
3. To help students establish positive values and healthy living habits through their participation in the production of health videos; and
4. To build an advanced and easy-to-use online health education resource platform to promote quality education and a healthy lifestyle.

Our videos on GoSmart Channel mainly last 5-10 minutes and are classified into six categories, namely "Healthy Body", "Healthy Mind", "Social Wellbeing", "Youth Theatre", "Health Promotion in the Community", and "HPS Good Practice"). Many of these videos are originated with support from participating schools. School videos usually belong to the "Youth Theatre" category to highlight students' creativity in expressing a health message through drama with an interesting and exciting storyline. This page selects feature videos for different targets (such as children, teenagers, parents and teachers) and hopes that more people (especially schools) will use these teaching resources to promote health. Looking ahead, we will continue to enrich the videos on the channel, focusing on the "HPS Good Practice" and "Healthy Mind" categories. We will also explore new styles of videos, such as drama, talk shows and discussion, parent participation, etc., and we need your support to get involved!

Enter the GoSmart Channel, and come to share our health videos!

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We will also select featured videos to share with the public through GoSmart (YouTube) and our social platforms. Almost all videos are in Chinese. Selected videos provide English subtitles.


Last updated on 15 August 2023

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