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Healthy Cooking Workshop / Parent-child Healthy Cooking Workshop

The abundance of unhealthy foods, overemphasis on academic performance, addiction to electronic products, lack of exercise, and minimal participation in household chores, etc, are some of the numerous health challenges which have been negatively affecting the growth and development especially dietary habits of students nowadays. Primary and secondary school students have limited opportunities to learn cooking skills, and even though home economics is offered in junior forms of secondary schools, the content generally lacks a focus on health.


Research has amply demonstrated that culinary interventions were associated with improved attitudes, self-efficacy and a healthier dietary intake with reduced picky eating in adults and children. Cooking more frequently at home can also reduce the risk of obesity, hence learning healthy cooking skills at a younger age is closely related to healthier dietary habits in adulthood. Increasing students’ exposure to food preparation not only boosts their interest in learning but also builds health-related life skills. In the long run, this can help children grow and develop healthily, creating a healthier future for our next generation.


The Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a professional and experienced nutrition team which is composed of Health Promotion Officers, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionists. The Team has rich experience in conducting healthy cooking workshops for schools, non-profit organizations, public and private groups etc. targeting children, adolescents and parents. Our Centre can design an one-off or a series of workshop which is tailored to the needs of specific target groups. Interested parties may contact our Dietitian to obtain any further information.


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