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Improving Health Literacy
The Centre (CHEHP) is committed to improving the health literacy of people and enhancing their competency to access health information and practise healthy living skills through universal education.


Healthy Setting Projects
Fostered by the concept of Health Promoting Schools (HPS) initiated by the WHO, the Centre launched the first territory-wide Hong Kong Healthy Schools Award Scheme in 2001 to promote health via the school setting. The Scheme has gained endorsement from the WHO. In order to continue to promote the HPS concept and extend the effects of the Award Scheme to a wider level, CHEHP launched the "Healthy Schools (Pre-school) Award Scheme" in 2005. In Hong Kong, over 200 schools (including secondary schools, primary schools, special schools and kindergartens) from various districts have joined the two Schemes, and the fruitful outcomes have been recognised by local communities and international organizations, and have become an exemplar of the development of HPS for other regions.

As the Steering Committee Member of the Alliance for Healthy Cities, the Centre supports and promotes all health-promoting programmes via the community setting. The Centre has conducted community diagnosis for various districts in Hong Kong and organized large-scale health-promoting activities in different districts. We also work closely with collaborating partners of other cities in the Region to promote healthy city movement.


Training and Education

  • The Centre has organized various health education courses for teachers, preschool educators, social welfare workers and health care workers.
  • A range of short courses on health studies and health management are provided for the public to enhance their health knowledge, life skills, self-help and self-care so a healthy life can be maintained.


Advisory and Consultancy Service
The Centre acts as a resource centre for health education and health promotion initiatives and provides advisory and consultancy services to projects initiated both locally and internationally.


Health Promoting Research
The main research areas of the Centre are the effectiveness of health promotion programmes, health perception and health behaviour particularly in children and youth, social-cultural aspects of health-promoting programmes, evaluation and outcomes studies and community participation in health.


Health Education and Health Promotion Networking
In order to facilitate health promotion and health education effectively, the Centre has established partnerships and an extensive network with health organisations, academic institutions, professional bodies, and government and non-governmental organisations both locally and internationally.

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